“I never worry about action, but only about inaction.“

Sir Winston Churchill

Weisshorn Asset Management SA is an independent Wealth Management company based in Geneva, offering investment management and advisory services to private clients.

We provide our clients with personalised financial services as well as independent advice. Our goal is to preserve and increase our clients' wealth in order to keep it for their future generation. 

Opening of our fund UCIT - Humanity Challenges Equity

News / 08/06/2018

Monthly investment committee

News / 08/06/2018

We publish on a monthly basis our investment committee. For further information, please check on our client section.

Closing of our Innovative Technologies certificate

News / 28/03/2018

We have decided to close our Innovative Technologies certificate on 12.03.18 in order to secure gains (+50% over 17 months). More details are available in the private section. These…


Fox spirits and demons: China's tech giants splash out in cartoon arms race


HANGZHOU, China (Reuters) - Growing up in the Chinese port city of Dalian in the 1990s, Zhang Hongchang spent hours immersed in Japanese cartoons like Dragon Ball and Naruto.

Bombardier, Toronto union reach agreement ahead of strike deadline


MONTREAL (Reuters) - Canadian workers who assemble Bombardier Inc's turboprops and the company's new top-of-the-line business jet on Saturday reached a tentative agreement with the company just hours…

EU to respond to any U.S. auto tariff move: report


PARIS (Reuters) - The European Union will respond to any U.S. move to raise tariffs on cars made in the bloc, a senior European Commission official said, the latest comments in an escalating trade row.